Saturday, June 21, 2008

On this Day: Japanese Submarine Attacks Oregon / findingDulcinea

On this Day: Japanese Submarine Attacks Oregon / findingDulcinea: "The Japanese were retaliating against America for the Doolittle Raid, a surprise attack by U.S. B-52 bombers on the Japanese mainland only months earlier. The American air raid caused minimal damage but humiliated Japan and bolstered U.S. confidence after Pearl Harbor and a string of U.S. defeats.

The Japanese high command sent submarines to the Pacific Northwest, ordering them to attack naval vessels headed to Alaska. On June 21, one of the subs navigated through a fishing fleet near the Oregon coast, avoiding U.S. minefields off the Columbia River, and then moved in to fire its 5.5-inch deck guns at Fort Stevens."

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Michael said...

My father has always talked about this but I've never seen a story written about it. As much as we feel insecure these days, it helps to understand how much less secure we were 66 years ago, when our coast was actually invaded. This article was really well written and I enjoyed it very much; thank you for finding it.