Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where? Did the email list form go?

The email form for you to fill out and get on the park email list is now a link on the right under other park websites... Get on the list today... This will be a handy way for local clubs to advertise their events.... Eventually, even the Social Clubs may email the list as a reminder for up coming events. The list is for park residents and past residents... Maybe in the future it may be open to immediate relatives. Coming soon a special link on the website that will only allow registered users to access the list directly.

Nursing Homes: 10 Best States for Overall Staffing - US News and World Report

Nursing Homes: 10 Best States for Overall Staffing - US News and World Report: "Rank State Total, all nursing homes 5 stars
1 Alaska 12 91.7 percent
2 Hawaii 42 35.7 percent
3 Wyoming 39 33.3 percent
4 Montana 84 29.8 percent
5 Delaware 40 27.5 percent
6 New Hampshire 75 25.3 percent
7 Washington, D.C. 18 22.2 percent
8 Maine 109 22.0 percent
9 Oregon 138 17.4 percent
10 North Dakota 81 16.1 percent"

Oregon ocean conditions best for fish in 50 years - Oregon Environmental News & Articles –

Oregon ocean conditions best for fish in 50 years - Oregon Environmental News & Articles – "Surveys along the coast from Newport north to LaPush, Wash., found more juvenile chinook salmon than they've seen in the 11 years the surveys have been done, researchers said.

That suggests that the Northwest could see a salmon boom once those fish mature and migrate back to their home rivers in the next few years.

That would represent a welcome contrast to the last few years."

President-Elect Obama's Weekly Address

Today's Report by Ed Simon

Here are the weather readings for the pass 24 hours ending at 7 am Dec. 20, 2008:
    Temperature:                                                  Precipitation:
Max: 43    Low: 33                                               Rain: 0.28

Information Statement

Information Statement: M 6.5 OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN 1029Z DEC 20: Tsunami NOT expected along US west coast,BC,and AK

Friday, December 19, 2008

There is Another Way!

Well, it is painfully evident for some of you, that traveling up or down Windmill dr. when there is ice is just something you are going to do. Some of you have been stuck there and had to be towed out.. Some had to wait for ice to melt... and then could leave.

I want to make sure everyone knows there is a better alternative. If you decide that you absolutely must leave the park with ice all over.... The back gate to the park is open... The road is a gentle slope and is graveled for good traction.

To get there take the road just north of the clubhouse... The one off of Deer Lane that goes down by the lower storage area. It is the one by David Guiher's home.

Just in case you get stuck somewhere.. blankets and sleeping bags are good to carry all winter. Don't forget to carry snacks, water and maybe even your FRS Radio... Recently, I found a plastic whistle can be a real asset.

Since we have bus service now you can leave the traveling to the experts... They chain up when it is bad and go in and out of the park with ease.

The MOM Song

Today's Weather Readings

Here are the last 24 hour's readings ending at 7 am today Dec. 19, 2008
    Temperature:                        Precipitation:
Max: 41    Low: 32                Rain: 0.17"     Snow: Trace                       

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today's Report

Todays reads for the last 24 hours ending at 7am Dec.18, 2008:
        Temperature:                                Precipitation:
     Max: 45    Low: 26                           Rain: 0.62"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

OPEC poised for output cut of 2 million barrels a day - MarketWatch

editor: this is how the gas price will be moved up... This certainly makes you wonder, as an American, if electric cars aren't a good way to keep from being manipulated by the Middle East..

OPEC poised for output cut of 2 million barrels a day - MarketWatch: "With crude prices hovering near $44 a barrel and OPEC attempting to boost oil prices, the group is widely expected to attempt its largest-ever reduction in output. Speculation of a production cut has been building in the market in recent days."

today's readings

Weathers readings as of the last 24 hours at 7 am:
Temperature Reading:                       Precipitation:
Max: 38        Low: 19                         Rain: 0.00"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LVH Weather Report

Ed Simon is working as a volunteer weather observer for NOAA and has their latest and greatest weather gadgets at his home.

How low did it go last night?

Ed says:
Here are my readings as of 7 am for the last 24 hour period:
High: 31 Low: 20 Precipitation: 0

Now at 7:50 am it's 21 degrees.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Request from Chief Miranda

They are calling for volunteers to man a warming room at the Fairgrounds in Newport. They want CERT or Police volunteers only. This notice is only to find out if you are available not to ask you to come yet. Also, if your vehicle does not have traction devices they do not want you to come.
You should call Ed Simon if you are able to meet the safety caveats and want to help:
ph 265-9124

Shift will be 4 hours or less depending on who is available.

Ron's Downfall

Saturday, I was at the Newport Main Fire Station... It was raining outside and after a training session for New CERT members was done. I gathered up my equipment and made for the back door where I had parked my vehicle.

It was very dark outside and as I stepped from the sidewalk to the parking lot pavement ... I didn't see the 2" drop from sidewalk to pavement. In slow motion I began a fall to the pavement. My equipment bag flew from my hands as I braced for the collision between me and the pavement. I was in between my van and a truck which I managed to miss... My left knee hit first I think and then my left elbow and forearm scrapped pavement and as gravity took it's final shot at me my head klonked the pavement.

It was dark and nobody was around... I yelled for help and although I could see people moving around in the building no one could hear me.....

Years ago our CERT team decided to wear whistles around our necks while we were on team business... There it was and after 4 years I needed it. I blew three short blast (the international distress signal).. and kept it up... People inside heard the shrill whistle and came out looking for the source.... I was saved!

When you are alone on a walk about in the park... Take your FRS radio and put that cheap plastic whistle around your neck... Someday, it may come in handy!


The stalled car at the main gate managed to get away around 11:45am.

Windmill ICE

Stay off of Windmill... It is loaded with black ice. People are getting stuck at the gate. Tow trucks are not able to come up or down....

The Bus is chained up and is getting in and out of the park. That is an alternative... But the best choice is to stay home and warm... Prepare for a power loss... Gather blankets, flashlights, etc. Keep your radio on CH6.16 Your neighbors are only a call away.

Your mail will be there tomorrow ..let it be.

ICE !!!!!!!! sTAY hOME....tUNE YOUR RADIO TO ch6.16


We have at least two reports of neighbors almost falling. Stay inside... Do not become part of the problem. If you need help get on the FRS Radio and tell us... We will figure something out.

We are monitoring Police, Fire and PUD radio and will have the latest info... Just ask on CH 6.16...