Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wayde and I have been watching, rather sadly, the last couple of weeks as several people have been cleaning and fixing the little blue house on the right as you go down the hill and out of the LVH gate. Sadly, because we knew there was an elderly man living there and we have to surmise he either went into a home or passed away. It is nice to see the house fixed up, though. As we were driving by yesterday afternoon we noticed a man cleaning the roof. I thought I saw something else on the roof and asked Wayde to go back to take a look. Sure enough, as you see to the left of the stove pipe there is a small raccoon. The raccoon just stood there while the man worked, apparently they were friends. What a nice way to end the day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Color-blindness Cured by Gene Injection in Monkeys

Color-blindness Cured by Gene Injection in Monkeys: "A simple injection of cells has cured monkeys of color-blindness—giving a green light to future research into improving human vision with gene therapy, a new study says."

Oregon Coast Dining Guide: A Look at Newport Restaurants

Oregon Coast Dining Guide: A Look at Newport Restaurants: "Along Oregon's coast, Newport sports something different in the way of eateries. There are more restaurants with outdoor eating areas than anywhere along these shores. And there's a unique mix of places to eat along the bay, with a beachfront view or in especially handsome interiors."