Saturday, February 05, 2011

Exercise is a boost to fall reduction

Exercise is a boost to fall reduction: "Healthy elderly adults who do regular aerobic exercise, such as walking for 40 minutes three times a week, may help to reduce age-related memory loss, according to research published this week.

Previous studies have found that aerobic activity may prevent areas of the brain involved in learning and memory from becoming damaged, but by how much is unclear."

Emergency detection systems for senior citizens

Emergency detection systems for senior citizens: "IESE scientists are working on an unobtrusive system that provides constant 'companionship' to elderly people living in single households or in retirement facilities. Multisensory nodes mounted to the ceiling of a room register an individual's movements.
'Our system records how long a person spends in what part of the home,' notes Holger Storf, a scientist at IESE. A radio signal transmits the data to a computer. Software documents the individual's daily activities, constantly learning the person's 'normal behavior.' The analytical software compares the resident's current activity with the model that has been generated."
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