Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Long Distance phone calls


ron thomas
I have been experimenting with Google Voice which is a new program from google that will let you make calls, toll free, from any phone in the USA. It takes messages when you don't answer and transcribes them and then forwards them to your email account. It has many features that normal phones do not have. You pick a phone number from them and you can use it as a stand alone or it can be set to ring every phone number that you currently have.. i.e, rings cell phone and home home phone and business phone simultaneously. No matter where you are or which phone you are using.

It is free. It calls many overseas numbers for .02cents a minute but the US is free. Want to try it? Need help setting it up?
Watch the video below. Still need help? Contact me
and we will get together and I help you through the process.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Repaying Social Security Can Be a Good Deal - Personal Finance - Retirement -

Repaying Social Security Can Be a Good Deal - Personal Finance - Retirement - "The majority of Social Security beneficiaries claim early reduced benefits. But a little-known part of the law allows retirees who started collecting benefits to change their minds, start over and reapply for a greater benefit. The only hurdle – they must repay past benefits."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Google Reader (79)

Google Reader (79): "People denied coverage because they suffer an existing condition will also see important changes. The Oregon Health Authority has announced a new insurance program for uninsured Oregonians with existing medical conditions.

This program isn't a freebie. Those seeking coverage will pay premiums ranging from $221 to $714 a month, but these premiums would be higher if not for a federal subsidy provided by the legislation approved by Congress earlier this year. Those who qualify will see their out-of-pocket expenses limited to about $6,000 a year. Once again, this will be a steep price for many, but it is certainly better than being denied coverage at any price because of an already existing medical condition."