Saturday, June 12, 2010

Killer whales swim into Oregon river - Breaking News, Local News, Local Weather, Local Sports

Killer whales swim into Oregon river - Breaking News, Local News, Local Weather, Local Sports: "NEWPORT, Ore. (AP) — A pod of killer whales provided a rare sight for sightseers along Yaquina Bay in Oregon when they swam past the docks and up the Yaquina River.

Staff members from the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport gathered on the dock by the research vessel Wecoma to watch and take photos of at least six orcas on Thursday."

Obama Presses Congress on ‘Doc Fix’ -

Obama Presses Congress on ‘Doc Fix’ - "WASHINGTON — President Obama called Saturday for Congress to avert a planned 21 percent pay cut for doctors who see Medicare patients, saying the move, which would cost taxpayers billions of dollars, is necessary to insure the health of older Americans.

The so-called “doc fix” has been stalled in the Senate, and if lawmakers do not approve the spending, the cuts will take effect next week. Mr. Obama used his weekly Internet address to warn that if Republicans block a vote on the issue, it would “undoubtedly force some doctors to stop seeing Medicare patients altogether.”"

Friday, June 11, 2010

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The Spilling Fields - BP Ad Campaign
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Kevin Costner Announces That BP Will Use His Oil-Cleanup Machines | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

Kevin Costner Announces That BP Will Use His Oil-Cleanup Machines | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World: "Although Costner used his charm to soften the blow — assuring the hearing that he wasn’t there because he’d “heard a voice in a cornfield” — he indicated that the pumps could have been manufactured and deployed much sooner if the industry weren’t loath to invest in cleanup technology. He also said that regulators trapped his company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, in a “Catch-22″ situation, forbidding unapproved machinery to be used on actual oil spills while requiring testing in real spills before granting approval.

In terms of how much of the spill the machines could actually filter, Ocean Therapy Solutions says that 32 of them could clean six million gallons of water a day. Costner has invested more than $20 million of his personal fortune in the technology."

Death to slugs! Expert says upcoming sunny weather is time to go on the attack |

Death to slugs! Expert says upcoming sunny weather is time to go on the attack | "Luckily, Robin Rosetta is on our side. And she's a professional, a pest management specialist with the Oregon State University research station in Wilsonville. In an e-mail circulated Friday morning, she says the upcoming sunny weather is the ideal time to murder the mollusks.

'The heat and dry conditions are the worst enemy of slugs,' she wrote. 'One can hinder their continued success by timing control efforts right now.'"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP Oil spill ...

Oregon's proposed budget cuts strike wide | | Statesman Journal

Oregon's proposed budget cuts strike wide | | Statesman Journal: "Oregon Project Independence would be eliminated, personal care for older and disabled people funded by federal Medicaid money would be cut, and in-home care for 1,500 seniors would be halved. Payments to nursing homes are would be reduced; legislative approval would be required. Except for Oregon Project Independence, the other proposed cuts would result in a greater loss of federal matching funds."

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

NASA Face in Space

NASA Face in Space: "NASA wants to put a picture of you on one of the two remaining space shuttle missions and launch it into orbit. To launch your face into space and become a part of history, just follow these steps:

First...Select the Participate button at the bottom of this page and upload your image/name, which will be flown aboard the space shuttle. Don't have a picture to upload? No problem, just skip the image upload and we will fly your name only on your selected mission!

Next...Print and save the confirmation page with your flight information.

Later...Return to this site after the landing to print your Flight Certificate - a commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander. You can also check on mission status, view mission photographs, link to various NASA educational resources and follow the commander and crew on Twitter or Facebook."

Introducing Tiger Dog - Shanghaiist

Introducing Tiger Dog - Shanghaiist: "This particular tiger dog, actually a Golden Retriever in tiger dye, was exhibited in Zhengzhou City alongside four buddies made to look like pandas (we've reported on panda dogs before). Says Nanchang Evening News, many dogs are dyed to resemble the animals they may bear a resemblance to: Chow Chows tend to get the panda treatment, since they have round faces and burly bodies. Pomeranians will be made to look like squirrels since they're small and cute. And a popular choice for poodles and huskies are... donkey?"

Sweet Super Hornet photo in Australia - The DEW Line

Sweet Super Hornet photo in Australia - The DEW Line: "Cheers to the Royal Australian Air Force for releasing a series of lovely new photos of Boeing's pride-and-joy, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. The aircraft apparently can't impress the Canadians this week, but it still looks good in a photo."

ESC Chicago keynote makes case for time travel | RF Designline

ESC Chicago keynote makes case for time travel | RF Designline: "“The only way that speed of light can stay the same is that something else has to be altered. That something else is time—it has to slow down, as experiments have shown,” he said. He described a 1971 experiment conducted by the Naval Observatory, in which one atomic clock was kept stationary, and another atomic clock was put on an ordinary passenger jet and flown around world at the speed of sound. The clock on the passenger jet had slowed down--it had lost time exactly way Einstein had predicted."

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sent in by Jim Dodds

A married couple went to the hospital to have their
baby delivered. Upon their arrival, the doctor said that
the hospital was testing an amazing new high-tech machine that
would transfer a portion of the mother's labor pain to the baby's
father. He asked if they were interested, Both said they were very
much in favor of it.
The doctor set the pain transfer to 10 percent for
starters, explaining that even 10 percent was probably more pain
than the father had ever experienced before. But as the
labor progressed, the husband felt fine and asked the doctor to
go ahead and kick it up a notch.
The doctor then adjusted the machine to 20 percent
pain transfer. The husband was still feeling fine. The doctor then
checked the husband's blood pressure and was amazed at how well he
was doing.
At this point they decided to try for 50 percent. The
husband continued to feel quite well. Since the pain transfer was
obviously helping the wife considerably, the husband encouraged the
doctor to transfer ALL the pain to him. The wife delivered a healthy baby
with virtually no pain, and the husband had experienced none. She and her
husband were ecstatic.
When they got home they found the milkman dead on the

Google Reader (110)

Google Reader (110): "Brake fluid leaks and wiring problems are responsible for the recall of almost 600,000 Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler vehicles NHTSA announced today. What's wrong? Your brakes could not work effectively or a fire could start inside the sliding doors of your mini-van."
"People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs."

News From 91.3 KUWS

News From 91.3 KUWS: "One of the first benefits from the health care overhaul will be coming in the form of $250 rebate checks to senior citizens who fall in the prescription drug donut hole. Mike Simonson reports."

OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center unveils new OctoCam

OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center unveils new OctoCam: "NEWPORT - An iconic celebrity of the central Oregon coast is ready to writhe and wiggle his way onto a computer screen near you.
Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center this week unveiled its new OctoCam, streaming live video of the visitor center's resident giant Pacific octopus to the world. It can be seen at:"

Monday, June 07, 2010

Newport celebrates the arrival of NOAA's research vessel |

Newport celebrates the arrival of NOAA's research vessel | "EWPORT -- Under dreary drizzly skies, the R/V Bell M. Shimada entered Yaquina Bay Sunday morning sounding its horn as it crossed under the bridge. Nearby, the F/V Michelle Ann spouted its fire hose and tooted its own hello, as Don Mann, Port of Newport general manager, stood on a fishing pier waving a small American flag."

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Grant's Getaways - Mt. Hood from a Different Point of View from Travel Oregon on Vimeo.

Jerry Brown’s Letters: Inside a Former Governor’s Mail - The Daily Beast

Jerry Brown’s Letters: Inside a Former Governor’s Mail - The Daily Beast: "With Jerry Brown expected to win California's biggest democratic prize Tuesday, Joe Mathews gets a look at his personal mail from his first run as governor, and finds little has changed in the last 30 years. But there are a few surprises: an early passion for alternative energy, a peek at how Brown responded to aspiring musicians when he was dating Linda Ronstadt, and the one personal gift he accepted—a package from the Dalai Lama.�"