Friday, June 19, 2009

Orcas in Nehalem Bay!!! -

Orcas in Nehalem Bay!!! - "It was late in the day after clamming with our friends from MN who had never seen the Pacific Ocean. We launched from the State Park ramp on the spit, further up in the bay and were cruising out to the mouth at a pretty good clip to throw crab pots. Then all of a sudden I saw a huge black fin and also a grayish one. I hollered at Jim 'STOP!!!!' and we were amazed to see three orcas across from us. Seemed like an adult and a baby and one other that seemed to me to be mid-sized but our friends think it was two young ones, so not sure on that. Anyways, they were really splashing and thrashing around and the sea gulls were all over the water, so it's pretty clear they had just gotten a meal of some sort. Salmon or harbor seal, probably."