Friday, September 24, 2010

Optimize Your Computer for your age

ron thomas says:

There are things that can be done to your computer to make those letters an icons big enough for you to see without glasses. I am reminded about the great ingenuity of our generation when I visited one home and found the person had overcome this very problem in a very unique way. When I asked if making the display bigger would help the person said it wasn't necessary because they had bought a pair of those jeweler goggles that have the magnifying glasses in them. You usually find those in a workshop where attention to the very finest detail is needed... Problem....solution.

Now the above may tickle your funny bone but I see it as a possible solution for people who have Macular Degeneration and those cloudy things that start appearing in eyeballs as we age.

That aside... I can change the settings on your computer to make everything bigger to the point it is specialized just to your tastes. The people whose computers I have worked on around the park generally, will not attempt to do these changes on their own primarily because they are afraid of messing up their computers. I will help you and I work for $0.00 an hour. I can come to your home and work on your computer and set it exactly to your tastes.

On the down side... for you... getting me to your computer when you want... well that's a problem. I'm still a bit of a free spirit and penning me down to an appointment time is hard to do. I usually call those that want me when I am available and try to come right then.... Pretty flakey, I know but free does have a price you know?

In your favor, having been married for 50 years I respond well to nagging :) Which is good for you.

If you would like to have your computer set up for your eyes just call me at my Google phone # 541-351-8896. It gives me a voice mail and an email too and is tied to our regular home and cell phone also.

The Great Larry & Ginger Dale Hwy 20 Adventure

Glacier National Park, MontanaImage via WikipediaIn an email from Ginger Dale to Jacky Thomas we see, yet again, why living in Newport is just about the best place on Earth to live:
Well Hello there, we are still alive and finally on our way home.  We left the family today, it has been quite a visit.  Nonstop with friends and realatives, so I never even checked my email.  It was pretty exciting weather wise.  We stayed in our trailer at the city park where Larry's sister lives (town population - 250).  Nice little park and full hookups.  The first night there was a huge thunder, lightning and wind storm, and 3" of rain.  Did not get much sleep, thought we were all going to drown, blow away or get hit with lightning.  A trailer like this is not the place to be in a storm like that.  The weather was great until we hit Nebraska and has been awful ever since.  After the big storm, the temp went up to around 90 and the humidity up to about 120%.  And the wind has been blowing about 90 MPH besides.  Can't wait to see the Oregon Coast again(I thought we had alot of wind there, had forgotton what nebraska can be like).
We have seen tons of things so far - stopped at some old forts and trading posts in N. Dakota, some Lewis and Clark spots, Glacier national Park(the Going to the Sun Road), Theodore Rossevelt National Park, Lawrence Welks homesite, Johnny Carson's homesite.  We were even camping in a Walmart parking lot one night.
Now we are headed west on Highway 20 all the way to Newport.  Plan to stop at Fort Robinson, NE, Yellowstone Nat. Park and some other places.  Be home in about 7-10 days.
   Can't wait to get home and play again.
  See ya, Ginger
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That's a Mearcat lyin wit the Lion

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Savings Deal!

Yesterday, Jacky and I went to breakfast at the Shilo Cafe which had been a favorite mostly because of the view and Senior discounts. They did away with the discounts over a period of time and then axed the Senior menu and the food wasn't, "all that" to rave about.. Portions were spare and it was getting to be a bit pricey so we just quit going.

Yesterday, we went for a late breakfast which is served anytime, once again, and it was different. The food was ok, the view always good. There is no Senior Menu but they have a 20% Senior discount on all their items now... which is a very good deal and it is everyday. Service was pretty good too. We ate for around $13 for two.

Monday, September 20, 2010

BEAVER CREEK STATE NATURAL AREA – Just as Oregon prepares to dedicate its newest state natural area – 374 acres of wetland, forest, and meadows, including a quiet creek that is a paddler's dream – comes news that outdoor enthusiasts may have yet another reason to celebrate: a new campground to go with it.