Friday, September 24, 2010

Optimize Your Computer for your age

ron thomas says:

There are things that can be done to your computer to make those letters an icons big enough for you to see without glasses. I am reminded about the great ingenuity of our generation when I visited one home and found the person had overcome this very problem in a very unique way. When I asked if making the display bigger would help the person said it wasn't necessary because they had bought a pair of those jeweler goggles that have the magnifying glasses in them. You usually find those in a workshop where attention to the very finest detail is needed... Problem....solution.

Now the above may tickle your funny bone but I see it as a possible solution for people who have Macular Degeneration and those cloudy things that start appearing in eyeballs as we age.

That aside... I can change the settings on your computer to make everything bigger to the point it is specialized just to your tastes. The people whose computers I have worked on around the park generally, will not attempt to do these changes on their own primarily because they are afraid of messing up their computers. I will help you and I work for $0.00 an hour. I can come to your home and work on your computer and set it exactly to your tastes.

On the down side... for you... getting me to your computer when you want... well that's a problem. I'm still a bit of a free spirit and penning me down to an appointment time is hard to do. I usually call those that want me when I am available and try to come right then.... Pretty flakey, I know but free does have a price you know?

In your favor, having been married for 50 years I respond well to nagging :) Which is good for you.

If you would like to have your computer set up for your eyes just call me at my Google phone # 541-351-8896. It gives me a voice mail and an email too and is tied to our regular home and cell phone also.

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