Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Larry & Ginger Dale Hwy 20 Adventure

Glacier National Park, MontanaImage via WikipediaIn an email from Ginger Dale to Jacky Thomas we see, yet again, why living in Newport is just about the best place on Earth to live:
Well Hello there, we are still alive and finally on our way home.  We left the family today, it has been quite a visit.  Nonstop with friends and realatives, so I never even checked my email.  It was pretty exciting weather wise.  We stayed in our trailer at the city park where Larry's sister lives (town population - 250).  Nice little park and full hookups.  The first night there was a huge thunder, lightning and wind storm, and 3" of rain.  Did not get much sleep, thought we were all going to drown, blow away or get hit with lightning.  A trailer like this is not the place to be in a storm like that.  The weather was great until we hit Nebraska and has been awful ever since.  After the big storm, the temp went up to around 90 and the humidity up to about 120%.  And the wind has been blowing about 90 MPH besides.  Can't wait to see the Oregon Coast again(I thought we had alot of wind there, had forgotton what nebraska can be like).
We have seen tons of things so far - stopped at some old forts and trading posts in N. Dakota, some Lewis and Clark spots, Glacier national Park(the Going to the Sun Road), Theodore Rossevelt National Park, Lawrence Welks homesite, Johnny Carson's homesite.  We were even camping in a Walmart parking lot one night.
Now we are headed west on Highway 20 all the way to Newport.  Plan to stop at Fort Robinson, NE, Yellowstone Nat. Park and some other places.  Be home in about 7-10 days.
   Can't wait to get home and play again.
  See ya, Ginger
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