Saturday, June 05, 2010

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Hurting and Helping

ron thomas

There is, in our community, a lot going on all the time. At any one time it can be a lot like High School days and sometimes Jr. High. Interactions between people, groups and individuals can be interesting and frustrating at the same time.

I suppose what makes it a neat place to live is all the interaction... the good and the bad. The toxic behavior mixed with selflessness and everything n between. Can anything be done about the negative things? Are there things that will raise the tide and float everyone's boat higher? I suppose there is. Doing something about issues seems to always crunch somebody's toes and make others happy at the same time. What a deal that is! Can we talk about specific behaviors in a non judgmental way that may open the eyes of those meant to see without hurting them?

Would it be possible to write in a generalized way about a behavior that is bugging folks without upsetting the target person(s)? To write such an article would first make everyone including the offender wonder if the article was written about them. Paranoid? Well it could be and that would lead to even more strain. The writer would have to be someone that has an impeccable reputation for everyone to agree that what is written is not a personal attack but an effort to point out a problem. But who among us has such a rep.?

Some notable issues in the community in the past and probably now to, that many are aware of include folks that have lost their ability to care for themselves but are unaware of their plight. What to do? What about people that we know have become really bad at something but are unaware of it? For instance, do we know of people whose driving skills have deteriorated but they are holding to the notion that they are a good driver? What to do? People who are taking new meds that are unaware that their personalities have taken a turn for the worse. What to do? People who are fiercely independent but are increasingly becoming more and more infirm and refuse help even to the point of falling down and refusing help to get up. What to do? Folks that have been told they have not much time left and we all shrink from visiting with them? What to do? What about the folks that create a yard that brings the value of the homes around it down? What to do?

I have seen those that want to help go and help shop, feed, clean, run errands and many other unselfish acts. Still I wonder what can be done for those many other things that need attention? Even in a community south of here I know of an organization that was keyed to emergency response and neighbors who responded to a neighbors distress were threatened by a law suit. What to do indeed?

Boycott BP? Tough to do...

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ford Shutters Mercury Brand; Octogenarians Everywhere Weep - The Consumerist

Ford Shutters Mercury Brand; Octogenarians Everywhere Weep - The Consumerist: "In news that will impact the parking lots of retirement homes nationwide, Ford will announce today that they have decided to pull the plug on its Mercury brand of vehicles after 71 years of blandness."

Oregon Weather Forecast, Radar & News -

Oregon Weather Forecast, Radar & News - "Down came the rain. Drip went the leak. Over came the roofer.


Portland's Yellow Pages contain no entries for 'rain,' but eight pages of roofers. One of them stood in my bedroom Wednesday morning.

Together, we regarded the leak, which started after one of those monsoonal downpours last week. We craned our necks at the ceiling. We peered into the bucket by my wife's side of the bed. We looked up, we looked down. The cats slept on the bed.

'Wow,' I said. 'A new roof?'

We can run, but we can't stay dry."

On Celebrating Everyday Heros to Save Our Oceans : TreeHugger

On Celebrating Everyday Heros to Save Our Oceans : TreeHugger: "I was at the grocery store the other day, minding my own business, when I noticed the woman in front of me pull out a large cloth reusable sack at the checkout aisle. 'Progress!' I thought to myself with satisfaction. Then I watched in horror as she first placed her purchases into several plastic bags and then placed those into the reusable bag. As I walked out of the store I realized two things, the good news is that we are making progress (at least she had a reusable bag... the bad news is we clearly have a long way to go."

Luna Ring: A Giant Solar Power Plant on the Moon : TreeHugger

Luna Ring: A Giant Solar Power Plant on the Moon : TreeHugger: "is Plan Has Robots and Everything!
The general idea is: You build a massive 'belt' of solar cells around the Moon's equator (that's about 6,800 miles, or 11,000 kilometers). You convert that electricity to microwaves or lasers that you beam back to Earth from the near-side of the Moon (the side always closest to Earth), and you convert those beams back to electricity at power stations so that it can be fed into the grid."

Projecting where the spill is going..

NOAA's final answer for fleet is still Oregon

NOAA's final answer for fleet is still Oregon: "GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- The nation's ocean research agency has given its final answer on the new home base for its West Coast research fleet, and it is the same as the first answer: the port of Newport on the central Oregon Coast.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued its final determination Thursday in the long-running political battle over where the ships would be based after a 2006 dock fire ruled out keeping them in Seattle."

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Google Reader

Google Reader: "Heavy rains in Guatemala opened this enormous sinkhole in Guatemala City. They say it swallowed an entire three-story building and a house, as well as having claimed the life of at least one person."

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I have talked to a lot of you about computer TV. There is a website called HULU where thousands of movies and TV programs are kept for your viewing anytime you have the mood. I watched the first episode of Reins ( a detective program) last night and they gave me the below to embed here on the website for you to have a look. Take a look ... If you want to know more click on the title. Want to know how to get it on to your computer screen? If I get enough positive feedback in the ratings below I will write some more on it.

Sent in by Bev Garvey

Morning Deals - The Consumerist

Morning Deals - The Consumerist: "Clothing
Roaman's : [Apparel] 20% Off Your Entire Order Free Shipping w/ Coupon RD26339
One Stop Plus : [Apparel] $20 Off $50 or $25 Off $75 or $30 Off $100 Purchase w/ Coupon OSPCOUPON2
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Jos. A. Bank: [Men's Suit] Buy 6 Shirts and Ties, Get a Free Executive Suit [Clothing Sale] Mon-Fri Specials: up to 70% off Ben Sherman, Bass, Eric Michael, and More"

Weekday Vegetarian: Grill Your Asparagus, Then Choose A Sauce : TreeHugger

Weekday Vegetarian: Grill Your Asparagus, Then Choose A Sauce : TreeHugger: "My daughter has never been a big fan of asparagus, but when I cooked it on the grill last week, she changed her mind. So this past weekend, when her best friend Julia joined us at the cottage, I grilled some more asparagus. Julia, who loves it, was surprised by the taste."

BBC News - Hopes for breast cancer vaccine

BBC News - Hopes for breast cancer vaccine: "American scientists say they have developed a vaccine which has prevented breast cancer from developing in mice.
The researchers - whose findings are published in the journal, Nature Medicine - are now planning to conduct trials of the drug in humans."

Google News

Google News: "DETROIT, June 1 (Reuters) - US safety regulators have opened a preliminary investigation into the potential that accelerator pedals could be entrapped by floormats in Ford Motor Co (FN) 2010 Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans."

Monday, May 31, 2010

Green Roofs And Walls Cover House In France : TreeHugger

Green Roofs And Walls Cover House In France : TreeHugger: "We keep saying that green roofs are changing architecture and planning, and here is another example, where the green roof turns into green walls and comes down to grade. Actually not to grade, but to some form of podium.

Dezeen shows us La Maison-vague by Patrick Nadeau, is being built in Reimes, France, as part of an affordable housing project."

Google Reader (29)

Google Reader (29): "Light up your home the right way with energy-efficient CFL bulbs, then consider transforming your old incandescent bulbs into bud-growing vases like these amazing Potus Pots! Designed by Natalia Hojman and Angeles Estrada Vigil, the Potus Pot repurposes a burnt-out light bulb into a new place for plant life. One of 23 stunning recycled designs in our 2010 Spring Greening Competition, these lively little planters create the perfect conversation piece for rants on wasteful incandescents and global warming. If you’re a fan of the Potus Pot vote for it today!"

From Wayne Hill

This is from Brandon (my son) that is in Afganistan working in the ICU at Bagram Air Base (he will be home in about 6 wks).......

the first part of the quote was taken off a tatoo of a marine we took care of... a quad amputee... it was a very somber moment... but the tattoo said it all...I only added to it.

We the unbeloved, do the unthinkable for the ungrateful. Hero's do Exist. Many of whom have fought before us and have died for us. We remember all, we cherish all. And to those of you who don't even know what Memorial Day is or who it celebrates in remembrance then get the hell out of my country. Please remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and are sacrificing every day over here for a better tomorrow!