Monday, May 31, 2010

From Wayne Hill

This is from Brandon (my son) that is in Afganistan working in the ICU at Bagram Air Base (he will be home in about 6 wks).......

the first part of the quote was taken off a tatoo of a marine we took care of... a quad amputee... it was a very somber moment... but the tattoo said it all...I only added to it.

We the unbeloved, do the unthinkable for the ungrateful. Hero's do Exist. Many of whom have fought before us and have died for us. We remember all, we cherish all. And to those of you who don't even know what Memorial Day is or who it celebrates in remembrance then get the hell out of my country. Please remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and are sacrificing every day over here for a better tomorrow!

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