Friday, December 19, 2008

There is Another Way!

Well, it is painfully evident for some of you, that traveling up or down Windmill dr. when there is ice is just something you are going to do. Some of you have been stuck there and had to be towed out.. Some had to wait for ice to melt... and then could leave.

I want to make sure everyone knows there is a better alternative. If you decide that you absolutely must leave the park with ice all over.... The back gate to the park is open... The road is a gentle slope and is graveled for good traction.

To get there take the road just north of the clubhouse... The one off of Deer Lane that goes down by the lower storage area. It is the one by David Guiher's home.

Just in case you get stuck somewhere.. blankets and sleeping bags are good to carry all winter. Don't forget to carry snacks, water and maybe even your FRS Radio... Recently, I found a plastic whistle can be a real asset.

Since we have bus service now you can leave the traveling to the experts... They chain up when it is bad and go in and out of the park with ease.

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