Friday, May 30, 2008

The Villages Daily Sun

The Villages Daily Sun: "Members of the Villages Amateur Radio Club were there to show how communications problems during power outages can be mitigated by the use of ham radios.

“When there’s an emergency and you lose power, you usually lose all phone service,” said Ed Crowell, secretary of the club and Village of Glenbrook resident. “Your cell phone service especially, because everyone gets on the phone. The subscriber can only hold 17 percent of its users at a time, so the cell phone tower shuts off its automatic cell phone switch. You need a radio to send a message over long distances.”

Crowell said the radios can last for years, and showed one he’s had for 10 years."

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Wayne said...

Now think how this would work if everyone in any community had a FRS radio on a designated emergency channel. The HAM radio people could monitor the FRS radio channel for emergency traffic and relay the emergency message to First Responders.