Thursday, June 24, 2010

A letter from Donna Talarski (former resident)

"Hey Ron, I know you work hard at the LVH web site but I would would like to see more of what's happening in the community, not the world report. Thanks for all your efforts past and present, hope all is well with you and Jacki, Hi to all."
It's time again for me to put out a plea for help. Donna is absolutely right about the community news. However, working on the website is pretty much automated and EZ these days.

If you can send an email on your computer, that is all you have to do to publish an article on this web page! Seriously, if you have something to say about what you have seen in the park or have a hobby that is interesting you just write an email to a special address I give you and it will instantly publish right here on the website from anywhere in the world.. You could email the site while you are on vacation and tell us about it. If you have pictures ... there is a way for us to get them on also.

AS I age... getting around to all the newsworthy happenings here is more than I want to do... Keeping the website technically in good operation is my bag.

There are some basic guidelines:
  • Obey the Golden Rule. (No trash talk about neighbors)
  • Stay clear of Party Politics. (talk about impact of new laws allowed... Impact of disasters like the oil spill are ok. Just try to stay away from biting at Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Independents and Green Party folks. You aren't going to change anybody's mind by sniping at each other.
  • Stay clear of religion.
  • You write when and often and about what you like.. No assignments.
  • Have fun!
If you would like to try writing here email me, Ron Thomas

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