Wednesday, June 23, 2010


ron thomas

Let's talk about Google Voice and how it may be useful to you as a senior. First, you need to know it meets the highest criteria for seniors... and that is, It's free.

Now what it can do for you...
Those of you who have gmail or hotmail accounts know that you will never have to change your email address ever again. It is yours no matter what internet provider you use or where you move address for a lifetime. That is because it is not located at an internet service provider but is stored on the web. The same is true with a google voice phone number... It stays with you for life no matter if you move or change cell phone providers or add new phones.

Here is how it does that.....
You get a google account then you pick your new google phone number from a list of numbers they show you based on your postal zip code. That means you g number is a local number so it is good for local calls from your community.

With your new number in hand you find that it now has your personal webpage. This page has a number of choices that you set up. I like, the free long distance feature anywhere in the USA that you can enable for one and so I check it. Next, you enter all the phone numbers that you currently have and then pick how you want those phones to react when your new g number is called. I entered our home phone number and our cell phone number and check ring both phones when the g number is called. That way (provided the cell is on) if we are out and about we can receive the call or if we are at home we now can get the call. I also check the box that says sms... this allows text messages to be sent to my computer where they are recorded in my gmail account. While there I check the answering machine and select TRANSCRIBE now all messages are transcribed and set to my gmail where they can be read or played back.

Suppose we move and change home phones and cell phones? We just add our new numbers and select the choices for them and delete the old ones but our gphone number stays the same... No more sending out new numbers to everyone.

There are a whole slew of other features to add but I haven't read up on them yet but here is one you may need to know about... Overseas calls are generally 2 cents a minute. Just click the title above to learn more about google voice.

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