Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tech comes to LVH

by Ron Thomas

A few days ago, while walking the neighborhood, I noticed a guy with a big pole with a plastic dome on top of it stopping at each house taking some sort of readings with another instrument kind of like a theotlite and GPS combined.

That was to much for my tech savy brain to let go of. Asking him what he was doing became irresistible for me.

He was working for the PUD and what he was doing was locating the electric meters on each of our homes exactly, using overhead sattelites . Why you say? The PUD has plans, he said, to put new meters on our electric services that can be instantly and accurately read from their offices, doing away with the traditional meter reader and providing them with upto date and accurate readings at their offices.

Right away I'm wondering could they be persuaded to send us energy audits showing times of our energy usage and how much? Could be a way of helping us cut our utility bill. Maybe they could put it on line for us to look up?

Interesting possibilities... What can you think of?

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