Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Mike Miller Trail in South Beach

ron says 4 thumbs down...

Here it is 3am and I write now about a trail I walked today. The reason I am doing that is because I ache everywhere from this misadventure. This trail is not for Seniors.... even those that consider themselves to be in terrific shape.

The trail has many steep ups and downs with mud holes that would make excellent pig wallows. Roots from the forest trees creep all over the trail and lie in wait for the unwary foot. Falling is not something you and I can afford to do... A broken hip can cost you your life.

The minute I entered the trail you could hear a dinner bell bong because lunch was served and I was it. Mosquitoes sang their high pitched whine all around as they sampled me. I spent two hours there thinking maybe the end would come into sight on the next step. Your eyes have to be constantly downcast to keep away from obstacles so there isn't much forest enjoyment. Baby steps are necessary most of the way because of steep angles and holes dug out by rain and boots. There was one advantage to that.... I ran across a lady that had 5 malamute dogs pulling her along and as you might suspect I was able to dodge the many dog droppings they left on the trail.

There are many nicer places to walk around our area and I intend to write about them from time to time. Once in awhile I will have a partner who likes to take pictures along and they will show up here as a slide show. Ladies you can walk along too.

I am a spur of the moment type of person and may call those that want to walk at anytime. Don't care much for planing this type of activity. I have one walk in mind that is a downhill pavement walk but needs people to place along the route for those that tire and can't go the full distance.

So, went the day and Ibuprofen is kicking in so the ache is fading... Bye for now RT

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L. said...

I think you should email this column to the members of your park and rec board so that when they do up publications publicizing area trails, they can include appropriate trails for different age levels as well as ability levels. :), Lori T.