Sunday, February 07, 2010

New LVH Integrated Call System


Tonight at 6:50 PM, 20 of you will receive an automated call inviting you to tune your FRS radio to CH 6 and check in to the LVH Radio Net. Mostly, I have been asked by these folks to be included on this automated list. Others were active when we first started the Radio Net and I thought they would like to hear our latest innovation.

Want to be removed or added to the call list? Simply send me an email with your preference and I will do as you direct.

How the system works......

I've prerecorded a message at Dial My in my own voice and programmed it to be sent out ten minutes before the radio net starts... Did this 2 days ago. This automatic dialer will then call all 20 of you in about 1 minute and report back whether you received the call or if it went to your message machine in 1 minute more. The message will be 9 seconds long however this is a free service and they will tack on an advertisement at the front and back of the message as their payment for providing the free service.

Our Community Safety Team (trained by CERT) is operating the system at this time. We have had many discussions about using the system for other functions. We are interested only in supporting the community in training for emergency use of their FRS radios.

Other groups such as the Social Club or Park Manager, Fishing Club and Neighborhood Watch may find it handy also. I will be glad to show anyone how to set up a system to that end. However, Your Safety Team (CERT) will only be using it for The FRS Radio Network on Sunday's at 7:00 PM with the express purpose of getting you used to using your radio so that should an emergency arise it will be second nature for you to use. By participating you will also be helping others to learn how to use their radios.

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