Sunday, February 07, 2010

LVH Calendar

Some folks noticed that the calendar had disappeared from our website in January. That was because we could no longer find a volunteer to maintain it. We now have a link back to a new calendar that maintains and updates itself.

What you say? How could it post all the events itself and keep them upto date? Down the right side of the page you will see a link to the Park manager's website. If you go to his site you will see he maintains a calendar for all the park events.

When Larry approves the use of the clubhouse for any of the events held there he puts it on that calendar. So, we have set our link to view that calendar. Anytime a change is made it will show up there the quickest. In short it is the most current and upto date calendar of events.

There will be somethings you have to get used to ... For instance, every event happens an hour after the time he has listed because that is set up time for the event. He doesn't maintain birthday lists on this calendar.

There are some neat tabs at the top of the calendar "PRINT" will print out the calendar as shown on the page. You also have a weekly and monthly tab to view the calendar and an agenda tab that makes a list of all the events.

Now, we know you are going to want this or that put in but like like I say I'm not able to maintain it anymore and this calendar is what we have now unless a person wants to volunteer and is computer savvy enough to learn how to keep one of these critters up. I will train anyone that should want to volunteer.

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