Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was approached by a member of Longview Hills requesting information on donating to the "Shop With a Cop" program. For those of you who are not familiar with this project, the Oregon State Police, Newport Police Department and Lincoln County Sheriff participate in a program where they take underprivileged children Christmas shopping. Each child is given a gift card and goes "shopping" with the officer. According to the officers we spoke with, it is very heart warming as very seldom will these children spend anything on themselves. They want to make sure there is something for Christmas for the moms, dads, sisters and brothers. This year December 6th is the shopping day.

Anything, of course, is appreciated whether it is $5 or $100 (or anything in between). Below is the e-mail I received from Carla Urbigkeit of the Oregon State Police:

Thank you for contacting me about Shop With A Cop!! It is SO hard to raise money when everyone is so strapped!!

I have asked people who want to donate to make the check payable to 'OSP Volunteers' and they can mail the check either to our OSP office here in Newport (PO Box 947) or the OSP Volunteer address (PO Box 974) both in Newport OR 97365. I know, the two PO Boxes are very similar in number!!

I sure appreciate your help! If you have any questions you can certainly call me at 270-4817.

Thanks again!

I know things are really tight this year and we only ask you to donate if you can afford it. We do, however, want to thank anyone in advance who is able to contribute. Merry Christmas!

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