Sunday, June 22, 2008

Over 200,000

We started this blog (website) in 2002 as neighborhood news for Longviewhills Retirement Community located in Agate Beach, Oregon. Soon, we noticed it could act as a kind of community history and we began to put pictures in... which was a big hit.

Somewhere along the line we put in a counter to record the number of visitors to the site and began to accumulate statistics... I became obsessed with getting more and more readers... Looking back don't know why this became so important to me but it did.

Moving along, we found that the local and all Oregon newspapers were spotty at home delivery. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee and the newspaper... No newspaper today? Soon found that all the news could be found on line and the computer became my morning newspaper. It was a short hop from there to start linking the stories I found interesting to this blog and give others in the community access to a morning newspaper.

We publish those stories and a lot of what is going on in the community as well as creating websites for community clubs.. Over time some volunteers learned how to publish to all of these sites and they input to them on a regular basis... This all began to increase readership to the point that today I looked at the counter as it ticked over our 200,186th visitor...

We have tried many new things and continue to innovate. Never know when a new idea is likely to come up in conversation or pop into my noggin. We hope you have enjoyed the blog over the years and always welcome suggestions. If you play well with others and would like to play in our sandbox we are always looking for new writers and photographers. No commitment necessary.. Just come and play... If it becomes a burden then you just quit.... No hard feelings...
Join the team or send me those pictures or just email a story... No Religion... No politics... Be nice.

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