Monday, June 23, 2008

LVH Fishing Club trip


Yes, there really is a Ghost Town called Valsetz & it would make Indiana Jones proud to unlock it’s secrets !!! BUT I am getting, 138.7 miles, ahead of my self ….

This adventure started with an early morning fog & 12 folks excited about the prospects of being Indiana Jones for a day !!! We had 4 different maps + GPS data & enough enthusiasm to drive the 4 vehicles we took into “The Bush” !!! …. Did I mention, wonderful secret Lunches, Tow Straps, TP, Jacks & Cameras …….. Yes, we were ready for what ever the Logsden Valley & Siletz Canyon could dish out !!!

Just after our Wagon Master (Wayde Dudley) called our 1st “Convenience Stop” at Moonshine Park, we met a fellow, up in the canyon, who got his truck “cock-a-meme” off the road. Well not to worry, Frank Stout & Brian Hudson hooked their truck up to him & had him back on the road in 1 Big Pull !!! Then it was up >> up & away to our next stop at the Siletz Fish Trap …. Several of us walked down to see the Falls, Trap Equipment & another Convenience Stop. Then it was back on the road >><< KAPLUEE !!! >>> That’s when Al’s new Toyota Hybrid blew a front tire, It was not to Big of a Deal, since we were not going very fast, but it did require a tire change >> which << was accomplished by 6 men & 2 lovely ladies. (Actually, Brian & Frank did most of the “Heavy Lifting” with the rest of us giving very sound advice & commentary. Although Jerry Gibson & Bob Abbott did pretty dusty !!) The rest of the trip into Valsetz was relatively uneventful, except for Bob Abbott continuing to tell us >>> If we did not get him there “Soon” … He would Starve !!

Arrive we did >>&<< What we found was a lone cement slab, that we conjectured was a part of the long ago logging operation. We continued on a short distance & found a lovely spot to set up our “LVH FC Lunch Camp” … Boys Howdy >><< That sure made Bob Happy !!! The Weather just continued to get Sunny & Warm & we had a delightful “Luncheon Repast” ……..

I should mention that while we were enjoying our lunch. An Oregon State Trooper stopped to visit & Ginger Dale invited him to join us for a Fish Fry we were planning on having as soon as Larry could set up the stove & stuff !!! ( Actually, I just made that up because … where we were >><< It was “strictly illegal” to do any kind of Fishing. However, after he departed Ginger came up with this fun idea … maybe next time !!)

The Wagon Master then gave us the option of going back, several miles, to see & visit the “Valley of the Giants” or splitting the caravan with some of us continuing across the mountain to hook up with the Kings Valley Road,which links with HWY 20 back to Newport. We had a 50/50 Parting of the Ways ………. The Bottom Line is that we All had a Wonderful Day & Special Thanks are in order for our Wagon Master Wayde Dudley >>><<< It was readily moved & seconded, that we should begin considering What ,When & Where our Next Rip Roaring Road Trip should lead us ……


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MAN! I cannot wait until I retire! Sounds like a fun--but auto parts expensive--journey. BTW, will someone please notify Ron & Jacky that their house phone is either dead or off the hook. Thanks! Their kid, Lori T.