Thursday, May 08, 2008

News 10 Now | 24 Hour Local News | ALL NEWS | Flashing light bulbs to improve emergency response times: "BROOME COUNTY, N.Y. -- It's a flashy way to improve emergency response time. Broome County Triad is distributing special light bulbs to senior citizens in Eastern Broome County.

When the light switch is turned off and on twice, the bulb becomes a flashing beacon which can be seen up to a mile away. This makes it easier for emergency responders to clearly identify their destination.

'Even a few minutes can save a person's life. It's going to give them peace of mind to know that they may be living alone, but with the flick of a switch, they've got a whole neighborhood knowing that they need help and people will come and respond,' said Shelli Cordisco, Broome County Triad Chair."

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