Sunday, July 20, 2014

Here I go again ... with a new spin.  I am going to start the blog up again. But... It is going to start primitive and move on. See, I have forgotten how to do this.... So, I have to learn all over again. The comments will be disabled until I have a better handle on how this works. Why? I don't need kibitzers for now. We will see what direction this takes and then move on from there. Meanwhile, welcome.... I'm not even advertizing throughout the community. I know this place though and someone will pick up on  the blog up and running and then through the grapevine you will know.

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Izvana the lost lamp said...

Hey, I'm eager for you to get your blog going. Tell me what's up at Longview Hills. Are there any vacant lots available.......used to live there and thinking of coming back. Cheers, Marsha