Thursday, August 26, 2010

Electronic Newspaper

ron thomas

Most mornings I get up and get a pot of coffee going and then turn on my computer and then read my email. After that, back to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee then back to the computer to read the newspaper. A lot of you might not know how to do that and it is one of the great joys of owning a computer... getting the morning news, and only the news you care about.

Google news literally searches the world for news stories in every paper and then brings to your computer the stories that the most people have clicked on and it does it as soon as those papers are published. It gives you a synopsis of the article and then lists under it links to what other papers have written. This is handy because maybe you do not like the paper that has the synopsis and want to see what another more trusted source is saying.

Off to the side of every story is a timer that shows you how long ago a story has been published. That is a means of getting your news "Hot off the press".

When you configure the news to your taste you can specify general topics like World News, Sports, Afghanistan, knitting doilies or any broad or narrow subject you like and you can have it fetch stories from your home town... Literally, any article published anywhere, any time. You have a whole range of categories you can put on or you can make your own up.

This the best newspaper I have ever had. It brings me the stuff I want to know about and none of the other stuff.

Want to set it up on your computer? I can do it with you step by step or you can do it yourself. Let me know....

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