Thursday, June 17, 2010


ron thomas

Let me tell you about ROKU ....

You may have heard you can watch movies and many of the current and past episodes of your favorite and past TV shows by streaming them from your computer to your much larger TV screen with no commercials? It's true! I do it every night with a ROKU converter box. Also available is the ability to stream major league sports.

2 other neighbors do it also. Bobby and Carmen Dean and DEE Shimek as well. Bobby uses a Play Station 2 box to convert signals from computer to TV signals and Dee uses a ROKU box like me.

The three of us subscribe to Netflix which in turn allows us to stream thousands of shows from them, through the internet free with our regular Netflix subscription.

EZ to hook up but you need:
  1. A ROKU conversion box and cable $80 from
  2. Probably an ethernet cable (connects Roku to your computer)
  3. The cheapest subscription t0 Netflix $8 a month.
  4. A computer modem ($30)
Assemble that stuff and you should be up and running in about 10 minutes. Ask Dee or Bobby and even me if you want to know more.

Click on the above title and it will take you to ROKU's website where you can watch a video and read more.

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