Friday, March 26, 2010

I hear people say that living in a small town is boring. Really? We had the blessing of the fleet one week-end and the arrival of a beautiful tall ship the next . . . that is pretty exciting from where I sit. At the Blessing of the Fleet festivities, we watched the survival suit races, the lineup of the boats for the blessing and the beginning of the highliner competitions (weather turned nasty so we didn't stay). The blessing is for the safe return of all the fishing vessels, for a bountiful catch, and for the wives and families left at home. The fishing boats pass by the USCG Victory where each one receives its blessing, which makes it an even more moving and beautiful sight. If you have not see it before you should try and catch it next year, it is worth it. Then this morning (Friday, March 26th) we were at our favorite place, the Newport Coffee House, when the tall ship Hawaiian Chieftan sailed into Yaquina Bay and docked right in front of us. Boring? NO WAY!!!

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