Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Senior moment

Yesterday, I awoke to one of life's minor aggravations. There it is, I've seen it a number of times before... the left rear foot on our Old Betsy Van..flatter than a pancake. Of course it all happened the night before at Walmart.... That's were I noticed it ... Not quite deflated then. Had Jacky drive it home and called AAA to come change it.

The young fella came out to change it... It was raining (naturally) and quite dark. Put on the headlamp to help him change it out and made a general nuisance of myself.. Hey, it's a senior thing.. no what I mean? Later I gave him the light so he could position his jack under the car... As he gave it back he tried to turn it off and twisted the battery compartment and sproing!!! the batteries and end cap flew out all over the driveway.. in the dark.... I found everything... I've always been good at Easter Egg hunting.

Next morning I'm off to Les Schwab's tire shop by the bridge. Take my library book just in case it's a prolonged repair... Offered the choices available, I opted for two new tires.. Betsy would like new shoes I thought.

Well settled in for a good read... I was really into the book... one of my favorite authors.... It seemed like a long time had past.. A couple of chapters for sure... Decided to see how the tire change was coming along.. Old Betsy had been moved and parked next to the Dodge van that was out by the main LVH main gate with 4 flat tires and had been towed in the day before.

The tires were mounted and she was ready to go. So, I went to the clerk, Ann, and asked if they had called me about being done? "Why, yes 25 minutes ago," she said. I had read right through the call for me... Laughing I told her what had happened and she laughed too. I suppose they would have eventually found me glued to my book before the store closed...

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