Monday, December 08, 2008

The News Letter, from Ron's soap box

Hello folks,

Let's talk about our monthly newsletter. The newsletter has run into some trouble that we feel you should know about.

Mr. Forsloff, a long time resident, has generously published the newsletter for the cost of ink and paper for a number of years. Sadly, that arrangement is coming to an end as he is retiring. We have been looking for other ways of keeping the newsletter alive and well.

Currently, we may be able to have a friend of Jim Rose's publish it for us. But, He lives in Portland. So that poses a logistics problem as you can see. Other options include having it printed locally. These options all will cost money which will be deducted from a rapidly depleting Social Club treasury.

We do have the ability to publish the entire newsletter on line for free. But that means people would have to view it on the computer.... Some folks don't have a computer. On the other hand we do have a computer lab at the clubhouse with high speed Internet for free.

This last newsletter will be the last until we have a solution to the problem...

To the, "Why don't you...... folks".... Hey, we need ideas but we need people and $$ willing to put forth a little effort. So, if the judgement of the community is to do nothing then it seems to me that the demise of the Newsletter is imminent.

Gotta idea? Leave a comment or call Charolette Paulson (Social Club President)


duright said...

I thought the advertising in the news letter will pay for the publishing costs. What does staples charge for 2 sided black & white sheets?

teckron said...

We have made some progress on this issue. Jim Rose has connections that may solve this problem for a time. Ginger Dale is riding herd on this problem and we will all hear more about it at the next Social Club Meeting.

The costs are 5 to 8 cents a sheet side. Collating and stapling are extra. I don't know off hand the cost of paper. Advertising will sometimes support the load but not always.

Jim's friend may be able to do it for 3 cents a side. But he is in Portland which is a logistics problem.