Friday, October 24, 2008

Coast Guard/LVH CERT Team

The Coast Guard Helicopter will be evaluating the LVH Clubhouse Parking Lot as a drop/pickup zone on Nov 8th. They will be working over marine radio with the CERT team on the ground in the evaluation process.

Our CERT team will also have elements stationed at the Golf Course where the helicopter may make a landing on the driving range in a simulation of an injury pick up. Coordination for this part of the event still is not solid so we are working on it.

We are a part of an exercise taking place up and down the coast in preparation for a major disaster...

Last week the entire Central Coast CERT team underwent training at the Coast Guard Air Facility at Newport Airport. Teams learned helicopter proceedures including lifting to the helicopter injured dummies by means of the on board hoist and Stokes litter.

This new exercise will help us set up for the disaster we hope never to see...

You folks in the park are welcome to attend our meetings on Mondays at 10 am in the clubhouse. We are woefully understaffed for a disaster to the point that it is pretty scary to think less than 10 older folks are going to be able to care for 265 older residents. There will be no firemen, police, or first aid folks after a major disaster they will be strained past the breaking limits... It could be many days before help arrives... The CERT team is trained to fill the breach as best it can.

Think about those numbers 10 CERT's to serve 265... This really makes me glum... When are the 10 to sleep? To eat? Will they catch a break? Or just run until they drop?

We meet for an hour or so a week on Tuesdays, 10am, at the clubhouse to train. Can you spare an hour? If you are a young one so much the better. We lost 2 team members this year... one because of health and another passed away.


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