Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Ravages of Time on Volunteers

One thing about the community we live in becomes apparent to all residents at Longview Hills.. Over time we all age rapidly from 55 on... We arrive young and vibrant and slowly take on the woes of aging seniors.. Nobody goes unscathed. We see aging in our friends and neighbors and must realize at some point that we are looking into a mirror that shows us our future.

Some of our friends pass away and we go on to the next stage of geriatric infirmity.. We choose to live here because of a variety of reasons but the price is to watch as we all grow older.

There is community and social activity here like nowhere else. We learn or not the satisfaction that comes with serving our community and Newport in general as volunteers... Some would say that volunteering is a waste of time and for those I would say, from my perspective you are behind on the learning curve of life. But who am I to say what one sees as good another sees as a waste of time? The answer is simple we are all on a life learning curve. We can find examples from our life experience to guide us or we can choose to ignore those way signs life has set for us. Simple as that. Go with the flow or row upstream against the current you and I still age regardless. We still get the same infirmities and end up the same in the end.

Now what this is all about is the first group to volunteer for the LVH CERT team is aging... We cannot do what we could when we started... As time marches on younger volunteers with service to our community in mind need to replenish our ranks. At some point those serving now will not be serving anymore. If you have just moved here and would like to take a look at what CERT is about.. You can just come to one of our weekly meetings on Mondays at 10:00AM You don't have to make a commitment to training or anything... There are tons of ways to help and if you don't like what you see just don't come again... Nobody will call and bug you.

We need to rejuvenate and it's your turn now. Hope to see you at the clubhouse on Monday.

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