Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Help Lincoln County Food Share

On Saturday, Longview Hills will be having their “Second Time Around Sale” and Food Share could use some of your leftovers. If you have any jewelry that you don’t want back Food Share will take it.

Last year Food Share tried a fund raiser that really worked. They were given jewelry that no one wanted any more and sold it. It was cleaned up, repaired and sold at a event called

“Bejeweled”. Bejeweled will not be until next February but we could use your leftovers any time from this Saturday until February.

So, it you want to get a tax deduction and give to a great cause, please give me a call:

Sue Wilson, 574-7898. We do have non-profit contribution receipts.

That’s any kind of jewelry, costume or some of the real stuff!

Sue Wilson

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